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On iPhone screen, you will see apple watch is detected. Tap on continue to set up apple watch.

Depending upon ios operating system on iPhone, there is different way to set up apple TV. But after ios 7, apple TV set up automatically. It is advisable to transfer iPhone data to other devices before making any changes. So if any problem occur we can restore iPhone from backup.

On TV screen you will see message that automatic apple TV sell apple tv 3 set up. It is advisable to transfer iPhone data to other devices before making any changes. So if any problem occurs we can restore iPhone from backup.

On iPhone screen it asks to log in with apple id. Use same apple id for both apple TV and iPhone. Otherwise it will give error for connection. As you are subscribed to apple TV with one apple id, and you log in with different apple id on iPhone. Than user are not eligible to view those TV programs.

After log in it prompt that do you want apple TV to remember password. Tap on yes so you don’t need to log in every time.

On TV screen you will see setting up apple TV. Make sure apple TV and iPhone are on same Wi-Fi network.

Connect Earpod with iPhone:

No addition setup require for earpod. Just connect cable to iPhone and it will work. There is centre button on earpod to control volume, make or end call and other function.

Connect apple watch to iPhone:

First make sure there is no airplane mode active on iPhone and apple watch. And also Bluetooth is on with iPhone.

Turn on apple watch using side button. When apple logo appears on screen, release side button.

Keep iPhone and apple watch close to each other. And turn on Wi-Fi on both devices.If apple watch is not detected by iPhone. Then open apple watch app on iPhone and tap on start pairing. Watch app is pre-installed with ios on iPad or other apple gadgets.

Animation will appear on apple watch. Hold iPhone over watch animation and centre it using camera viewfinder. Now it shows that apple watch is paired. Tap on set up apple watch. It asks to select various preferences like on which wrist you want to wear, select left or right. It prompt for workout route tracking, passcode create, heart health, cellular setup, install iPad apps etc.

If there is problem while connecting watch to iPhone. The last option is to full reset watch and try again. To reset apple watch go to setting – general- reset – erase all content and setting- it ask for passcode – enter passcode and watch is fully reset to factory default.  Reset or restore iPhone will delete all data, music, video, photo gallery. It is better to transfer iPad data to computer iTunes before reset or restore.